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Call Us Today!
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50 Years in Business
  • We will rebuild your machine to OEM standards of alignment and performance—or better.
  • Machine will be completely disassembled.
  • All parts will be cleaned and carefully inspected to determine rebuilding or replacement.  We return all replaced parts to you.
  • All hardened ways are reground flat and parallel.
  • All ways, slides, keepers and gibs will be precision scraped and fitted to new machine tolerances.
  • All bearings, bushings, and seals will be replaced to ensure original accuracy.
  • Machine screws, nuts and shafts will be checked for wear and rebuilt or replaced.
  • The way lube system will be thoroughly cleaned and checked.  Gauges, meters and oilers will be replaced, if necessary.
  • We will inspect the electrical system and advise.  All defective parts will be replaced and electric motors will be rebuilt.
  • We will inspect the hydraulic system and advise.  All worn parts will be rebuilt or replaced.  All filters, packings and seals will be replaced.
  • We will evaluate your spindle and advise on repair or rebuild.
  • We will sand, fill and paint your machine.
  • Upon completion of your rebuild, we test run the machine.
  • We check all alignments to ensure that they meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • We warrant all workmanship for a period of one year, under normal use and proper maintenance.
  • Observe, test, and evaluate operation of machinery to diagnose problem.
  • Determine necessary repairs.
  • Tear down machine to remove parts and make repairs.
  • Examine parts for defects, such as breakage or excessive wear.
  • Repair, replace, adjust, and align components of equipment.
  • Precision fitting of components, such as spindles and bearings.
  • Clean and lubricate parts.
  • Order parts for machine.
  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Alignment
We offer on-site mechanical repairs and scraping service.
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Scraping
  • Leveling & Alignment of Machinery
  • Out of State Service
We specialize in the scraping of all types of tool room equipment.
  • Ways
  • Automation Slides
  • Rotary Tables
  • Precision Surface Plates
  • Squares
  • Spindle Housings

We offer installation of materials, such as Rulon and Turcite.

Rulon and Turcite are low friction linear bearing strip materials.  They are for use on the ways and gibs of machine tools.  They increase accuracy, and reduce damage caused by mechanical and lubrication failures.  They can extend the life of mechanical components, are self lubricating and improve stick slip performance.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs
  • Complete Electrical Panels
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Plason Scraping
32825 Dequindre
Madison Heights, MI
Fax: 248.588.0473

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  • In Business Since 1959